Commission Process


Having work done in your home is never an enjoyable process, but there are ways to make it less objectionable. This section will give you an overview of the commissioning process that Classic Frameworks will employ. After reading this you will know what to expect when you hire us to design, build, and/or install any custom woodwork, hopefully making it a much smoother process.


The first contact I have with the potential client is typically via the phone.
If they have not seen my web site I will direct them there first. Here, they will be able to see my work as well as some samples of prices for different types of projects. Also, I will invite them to my shop where they can see actual examples of my work. At this point in the process there is no way to predict the price of a project.




site visit

Site Visit


The first step towards being able to develop a price is the site visit. At this time I will gather all the information needed to design the project exactly how the client wants it. This includes styles, measurements, wood species, finishes and any other pertinent information that is necessary. With all of this information I can then go back to the drawing board and begin to produce the requisite drawings. Detailed plans are important so that both the client and builder know what the finished product will look like when it's done. They are also necessary in order to generate a price for the project.

The fee for design time starts at a minimum of $500 and goes up from there according to the size of the project. This fee will be applied to the down payment if the project proceeds to the construction phase. Designing of the project will begin upon receipt of this fee. If for any reason the project does not proceed past the design stage, the plans will be given to the client but the fees will be forfeited.







At this point I will have finished detailed plans according to the clients specifications. After they are done, a second visit will be necessary in order to review the plans. A price for the project as drawn will be available at this time. If changes are made to the first set of plans, I will return to the drawing board and make the changes. Once the plans are approved, contracts will be written.





Contracts / Payments


Based on the approval of the plans and price, a contract will be produced for the clients signature. If the project is one in which installation is required, a preliminary lien notice will be mailed to the client. This is a requirement of the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. If the project does not require installation, e.g. furniture, the lien notice will not be necessary.


Payment terms:
50% Down payment.
35% Progress payment made when the project is ready for installation.
15% Completion payment.







Upon the receipt of the down payment I will begin construction. I will try to give an accurate estimate of time required to complete the project. It needs to be understood that for the most part I work by myself so that I can completely control the quality of the work. The sacrifice is in the amount of time it takes to build your project. For example, a full kitchen may take me 6 to 8 weeks to build and install. This is a small price to pay for the quality of the finished product you will receive.