Fireplace Surrounds


The fireplace is always the focal point. Because of this, whatever is done to the fireplace will set the tone for the rest of the room. Nothing will beautify and personalize a room like a fireplace surround with attached cabinetry, bookshelves and overmantels. Classic Frameworks can design and build any fireplace treatment you desire.


Some prices are included in order for you to evaluate whether Classic Frameworks is the proper company to provide your woodworking needs. You can be assured that if you decide to use Classic Frameworks, you will receive the highest quality woodwork and service you can buy.


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white fireplace surround

White fireplace surround with matching bookcase and overmantle with doors for television


alder fireplace

Knotty alder fireplace surround

with cabinetry, matching window treatment and overmantle


pine fireplace

Pine fireplace surround with legs turned to match a table in the room