Other Projects


There are projects that sometimes don't fall neatly into a category. Nevertheless, Classic Frameworks can still help you with this kind of construction. Here are a few examples of those kind of projects and the solutions to make them work.


Some prices are included in order for you to evaluate whether Classic Frameworks is the proper company to provide your woodworking needs. You can be assured that if you decide to use Classic Frameworks, you will receive the highest quality woodwork and service you can buy.


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oak gate

Oak entry gate

stair gate

Oak banister with matching gate

designed to switch positions on the newel post allowing it to swing out of the way when not needed


Steel and oak easel designed to allow the painting to roll horizontally and be raised vertically with an electric winch





oak wainscot

Oak hearth and wainscot

murphy bed up

Oak murphy bed in up position


murphy bed down

Oak murphy bed in down position