Classic Frameworks has been producing fine art frames since 1998. All of our frames are constructed using solid joinery techniques and thick moulding profiles cut from select stock. You'll find this produces a very solid and stable base for frames that will last a lifetime. The finishes are applied using traditional time honored methods, yielding frames that are aesthetically appealing and have a real look of antiquity. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with one of our high quality frames at an excellent price and hope that you will contact us for your framing needs.




Unique Frames


Unique frames are those that are not the typical rectangular shape. They can take many different forms. For example; round (tondo), octagonal, rounded top, oval, cartouche, tabernacle, and triptych to name just a few. Although these types of frames are not often used, if you do have a need for one, Classic Frameworks can build it for you.




6 ' x 1o' round top frame


Cartouche frame

7' x 12' round top frame

style T6259

Octagonal mirror

Oval frame

style T6259

30" x 60" round top frame

style T6444

30" x 60" round top frame

style T4144

42" diameter tondo frame

tondo detail